How Workplace Options Helps Brokers & Consultants

At Workplace Options, we have a long history of working with brokers and consultants to help them bring modern, effective wellbeing programs to their clients by packaging our emotional, practical and physical support products.

We know that brokers’ and consultants’ reputations depend on the providers they trust to serve their clients. We’ve been in the employee wellbeing business for more than 35 years and serve more than 100,000 organizations and their 65 million+ employees around the globe from 15 global offices.  Our focus and our commitment to infrastructure investment worldwide allows us to offer some unique programs and advantages.

What makes us special, and how does it help us to better serve brokers and consultants?

Innovation and Technology

Workplace Options is dedicated to developing new technologies and innovating new programs and modalities to serve today’s workforce. We constantly pursue new ways to increase both the ease of utilizing services, and the positive effects that individuals will experience as a result. Some examples include:

  • Aware – our original mindfulness program to improve wellbeing, focus and engagement through individualized coaching
  • Virtual Group Counseling – Telephonic based group counseling led by clinicians
  • Be Well at Work- a coach-led model for employee wellbeing
  • iConnectYou – our versatile mobile app allowing instant employee wellbeing support by phone, video, SMS or IM

Global Presence & Investments

As the world’s largest independent provider of integrated employee support solutions, we have capabilities to help deliver services to individuals whenever they need them, virtually anywhere in the world.

Our service centers provide redundant coverage in the case of a natural disaster or other disruptive events so the organizations and individuals we serve get continued support.

With local language answer in more than 70 countries, and promotional materials available in any language, we provide a truly global solution for employee wellbeing.

Our member website is available in 27 language variants, and we work with 34 local service delivery partners and a global network of more than 83,000 affiliate providers around the world to help provide seamless solutions for individuals seeking service.  Brokers and Consultants who work with multinational and global clients can benefit from the advantages of Workplace Options seamless menu of global products and services. 


When a broker or consultant offers their clients services from Workplace Options, they can be confident that they are getting high quality. Our team is well credentialed, highly skilled and focused on the individuals whom they serve.  We have a unique staff-proficiency program where our team continues to develop knowledge, leadership and overall excellence to provide outstanding service.

We train our team in “The Power of a Good Conversation.” This is a quality initiative that highlights our commitment to prioritizing individuals needs and wellbeing above all else.

Respondents to our satisfaction survey report that more than 98% felt we cared about them and their request, and that we helped them.

We are committed to customer focus, quality management, information and data security and delivering consistent and exceptional service.

Cultural Relevance

Coupled with our strong worldwide capabilities, Workplace Options also has a diverse cultural knowledge and understanding of employees, services and approaches around the world.  Our global services team is dedicated to understanding cultural nuances that are relevant to our client populations around the world. Brokers and consultants can trust that their clients’ employees’ culture, location, language, and other unique attributes are taken into consideration when they are requesting services. 

Wherever an individual needs our help we work to ensure that empathic support is provided, with country-specific information and an approach that is mindful of culture.

Workplace Options values diversity and encourages it within our team to help us better understand the diverse populations we serve, and provide unmatched service.

Contact Us: If you have any questions about how Workplace Options can help your organization, please reach out to us at, 877-601-0707 or use our easy contact form.

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