Our History

People, Technology, Facilities and Expanding our Global Presence – Workplace Options, a History of Investment

Workplace Options was founded in 1982 with a primary focus on work-life services and US corporate training. Back then, much of our staff worked to help workers locate affordable, licensed child care providers, so new parents would be able to continue working after maternity leave.

Over the years, we have identified opportunities to help larger groups of people with investments in our people, our technology, our facilities and our ability to serve organizations and individuals around the world.

Each step of the way, our decisions and investments are guided by our desire to provide the highest quality and most effective wellbeing services to more employees and organizations around the world.  By reinvesting our profit back into our team, our technology and our service centers, we have grown to become the world’s largest provider of integrated employee wellbeing services.

Great Beginnings

1982: Workplace Options is founded in Raleigh, N.C, as a provider of work-life consultancy services and training to U.S. corporations.

Growing Our Network

1997: The organization launches a new business model focusing exclusively on resource and referral solutions for EAP partners and third-party organizations. Workplace Options also begins delivering wellness and global EAP services.

Expanding Our Offering

2002: Workplace Options introduces the partnership integration model to the EAP industry, while also launching the employee wellbeing world’s first live-chat service, LiveConnect.

2005: The organization acquires Work-Life Benefits and assumes management of all U.S. operations, creating a strong, deep network of affordable work-life products and services.

Going Global and Breaking New Ground

2006: To expand beyond the U.S., Workplace Options acquires UK-based Employee Advisory Resources, a leading provider of global employee wellbeing services.

2007: The organization expands to Ireland through the acquisition of EAP Solutions, and opens a new Irish national headquarters in Clonskeagh, Dublin,  The same year, Workplace Options moves into its current global headquarters in Raleigh, N.C. and officially becomes a 24/7 operation.

2010: Workplace Options establishes a new Global Service Center to meet growing demand in Toronto, Canada, while also unveiling the industry’s first iPhone application, iFindCare.

2011: Two new service centers in Virginia are opened and a dedicated team is formed to serve U.S. military members and their families through a specialty service.

2012: The organization launches a new global service center in Singapore, strengthening the organization’s global presence and ability to serve the Asia market.

2013: New Global Service Centers in Tokyo, Japan, and Lisbon, Portugal expand Workplace Options global service capabilities.  The organization also creates a dedicated practice for certified wellness coaches to meet growing global demand.

2014: New service centers in Seattle, Washington, Bangalore, India, and Jakarta, Indonesia add more options for global organizations looking for employee support. This year also saw the official introduction of the industry’s first face-to-face counselling mobile application, iConnectYou.

2015: Workplace Options introduces UCMS as the first case-management system designed by the employee wellbeing industry for the employee wellbeing industry. A new Global Service Center in Lille, France, is establishing strengthening the organizations commitment and ability to serve organizations and individuals across Europe.

2017: Global Expansion continues with new global service centers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Shanghai, China. The organization moves its India operations into a new, larger national headquarters in Bangalore. Acquisitions of ICAS France and ICAS Belgium, and assumption of the operation of Service Centers in both countries bolstered Workplace Options’ capabilities in Europe.

2018: A new service center opens in Montreal, Canada, expanding Workplace Options’ global service capabilities. The organization also introduces WOVO, an innovative worker-engagement platform featuring mobile and web-based tools.

Continued Investment

Today: Following the recent acquisition of Rehalto, a European pioneer in the development of workplace wellbeing, Workplace Options continues to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to investment, innovation, and improvement. The organization now serves more than 65 million employees across 100,000+ organizations and 200+ countries and territories worldwide. Workplace Options strives to help more employees become happier, healthier, and more productive at work and throughout their lives.  The organization’s growing portfolio of services includes wellness coaching, work-life support, global EAP, domestic EAP support, critical incident response, and customized training.

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