Our Global Commitment

We know that many working people around the world face challenges related to mental health, physical health and a lack of successful work-life integration. The stressors that they face can reduce their effectiveness at work, and their ability to be successful in their jobs. This can, of course, negatively impact their productivity and their organizations as a whole. In some cases, crisis situations may occur and these traumatic situations can bring further impacts.

People, especially in difficult situations, need support to be at their best. We are here to help.

At Workplace Options, everything we do revolves around employee wellbeing.  Our mission is to strengthen workplace effectiveness through employee engagement and support.  It is a global mission that is complex in execution and requires significant investments in physical and technological infrastructure, and in talented individuals to make everything work.

In order to help as many people as possible across the globe to be more effective and more productive in their personal and professional lives, we have evolved into the world’s largest independent provider of employee support solutions.  Because of our global commitment, we have developed an inventory of facilities and capabilities that is unmatched and makes us uniquely qualified to serve the working people of the world, and their families.

We have:

  • the capacity to support 100,000+ organizations and their 65 million employees in more than 200 countries and territories
  • invested in 11 Global Service Centers in the past 10 years to bring the number of our service locations to 15 around the world
  • the ability to answer people’s calls in the local language in more than 70 countries, and can provide services to them in virtually any language
  • 34 partner organizations providing service in various locations across the globe
  • a network of more than 83,000 individual affiliate providers
  • a unique program to provide training, tools and technology to our partners and affiliates around the world so they can use our procedures, policies and case management
  • redundancy in our phone systems and service centers to provide coverage in the case of a natural disaster or other disruptive event so that the organizations and individuals we serve get continued support
  • rigorous standards for our team members, and a staff proficiency program for continued development to provide high-quality service to our clients and members
  • commitment to customer focus, quality management, information and data security.
  • a wealth of high-quality, in-depth professionally translated and acculturated member website content
  • a global services team that is dedicated to understanding cultural nuances that are relevant to our client populations around the world
  • account managers in 13 countries that speak 17 languages to provide exceptional service to our clients
  • iConnectYou, our versatile mobile app allowing users around the world to engage with a counsellor or coach via phone, IM, video or SMS text
  • invested $20 million in our physical and technological infrastructure in the last 5 years to accommodate the delivery of more services for more people who seek them
  • plans to invest even more in the future

Our unique combination of facilities, professionals and capabilities allow us to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world.  For more information about how you, your organization, or your clients can benefit from our services, please contact us at 877-601-0707 or  service@workplaceoptions.com.

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